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Process Monitoring and data collection systems

Entirely developed by Schwer + Kopka GmbH, a comprehensive range of monitoring devices,

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For many years, GE.Pariot has been distributing, installing and servicing the Schwer + Kopka GmbH products.

SK develops many sensor solutions and electronical devices in use at the most effective mass part producers

Our different sensor technologies measure, during production, all types of importants parameters which are then analyzed by
Elaborate monitoring algorithms to ensure optimal production.

The monitors ​​are characterized by an unusually simple and intuitive use, they are also all prepared for various data acquisition
(More… => https://www.schwer-kopka.de/en/)


Data collection

For many years SK has been developing hardware and software solutions for Data collection of the production machines with
the focus on collecting, utilizing and evaluating data for improvement of productivity but also for predictive measures of
technical failures, reduction of risks and the optimization of production chains.
We accompany you on your way into industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance as these areas in particular had the most development in recent years.

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55 Allée du Bief
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Tel: +33 474 00 62 24
Mail: contact @ gepariot.com

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Ge Pariot

55 Allée du Bief
01600 Trévoux

Tél. +33 474 00 62 24
Mail: contact @ gepariot.com