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Rolling Centers for threading and forming

INGRAMATIC Founded in Italy in 1966, INGRAMATIC has produced more than 3,500 machines worldwide.


Rolling center for threading and forming

Ingramatic, a division of the SACMA group, offers a full range of flat rolling machines (WF-000 to WF-70) for the realization of
threads and special profiles.
Benefiting from the synergy of the SACMA group and a modern factory integrating design office, R &D, machining, test and pre
assembly benches, quality division, assembly lines and spare parts storage, INGRAMATIC has developed new generations of
"I-thread" rolling centers to meet user requirements and fastener manufacturer strategies around the world.  
INGRAMATIC company take extremly care in material selection, machining and finishing operations to provide high speed
production machines, durable, reliable, robust and reduced operating costs for threading high-strength treated materials.
(More… => http://www.ingramatic.com)

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55 Allée du Bief
01600 Trévoux


Tel: +33 474 00 62 24
Mail: contact @ gepariot.com

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Ge Pariot

55 Allée du Bief
01600 Trévoux

Tél. +33 474 00 62 24
Mail: contact @ gepariot.com